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Title: Intervention

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco/Hermione (with a bit of friendly Ginny/Hermione thrown in, just as a warning)

Rating: PG-13

WC: 833

Notes: I apologize beforehand for the theme – I just saw Cruel Intentions for the first time – how could I possibly resist?  For day five of the 7 Kisses Challenge @ [info]dramionedrabble.  Prompt: French kiss. 

                “Alright now – don’t freak out.” Ginny gave her friend a warning look.


                “I’m not going to freak out,” Hermione muttered grudgingly, attempting simultaneously to calm her racing pulse and figure out why she was humoring Ginny in the first place. 


                The redhead’s rosebud lips hovered closer, touching upon Hermione’s ever-so-lightly.  Hermione re-adjusted her head, squeezing her eyes so tight she saw sunspots on their insides.  Ginny’s tongue flicked out, dipping briefly into the heat of Hermione’s mouth.


                “As amusing as this lesbian encounter is, you’re doing it all wrong.”


                Ginny sighed, breaking away from Hermione to shoot Malfoy a withering glare.  Hermione kept her eyes firmly shut, counted to five, opened them and groaned.  He was still there.


                “I don’t know what you’d know about it,” Ginny narrowed her eyes, her voice cool and measured.  “The last time I checked you couldn’t be a lesbian no matter how hard you tried.”


                Draco quirked an eyebrow, his lips snaking up at the corners.  He leaned back against the side of the great stone staircase, inspecting a manicured nail.


                “I meant the kissing practice, but take my advice how you wish.”


                “Not at all then.” Ginny dismissed him, turning back to Hermione.  “Shall we go to lunch then?”


                Draco cleared his throat.  He obviously felt he was not done being impressive.


                “Now just one moment ladies.  The lunch can wait.” He eased himself off the wall, stepping up to the edge of their blanket where it sat spread in the green spring grass.  He crooked a long, pale finger at Hermione.


                “What?” she grumbled.


                “Well, you need a bit of proper practice, don’t you?”


                She snorted, staring up at him as if he’d lost his mind.  “And just what are you on this fine morning?”


                His suave expression didn’t flinch an iota.  He leaned down before she could protest, grabbed her hand, and pulled her up until she stood against him.  She was really rather startled with how well the whole thing worked for him.  She shot a glance at Ginny, who still sat in her place on the blanket, clearly torn between helping her friend and allowing Hermione some proper, highly amusing practice.  Although Hermione had to say she really didn’t look too broken up about it.  She narrowed her eyes.


                Draco pulled her closer, one large, cool hand against the heat of her neck, just hovering over her pulse point, the other curling into the loose hair at the base of her neck.


                “Now now Hermione,” his devious lips played constant host to a twisting smirk.  “Calm down.”


                The man was being much too charming for his own good.  She thought about stomping on his foot, but it seemed petty to resort to childish antics at a time such as this. 


He closed the space between them antagonizingly slowly, the pad of his thumb brushing at a soft spot at the base of her neck all the while.  The tip of her pink tongue darted out of its own accord to wet her lips. 


                The kiss lasted a lifetime.  Hermione’s mind tripped over itself in its effort to analyze the situation.  Their tongues touched once, twice, three times, sending electric shivers to Hermione’s fingertips where they gripped his shoulders.  A mad giggle broke through the haze.  Hermione broke away, flustered, glaring at Ginny whilst attempting to push Draco away.


                What in hell did she think she was doing anyway?


                Ginny clapped a hand over her mouth to quell her laughter.  Draco stared at Hermione in mock disbelief.


                “It’s a miracle!” He grabbed at her hands, as if trying to imbue just an ounce of the amazement he felt within her.  She waited for his declaration with hard eyes.  “Hermione Granger failed her first lesson ever!” His face split into a grin.


                Hermione determined then and there to develop a spell to allow one’s eyes to propel physical daggers.  Ones which would do the recipient barrels of bodily harm.


                “The teacher must be miserable,” she muttered haughtily, crossing her arms across her chest.


                “Au contraire, mademoiselle.  The student will merely have to retake the class and hope she does better the second time.  Now though, I believe it’s time for lunch.  Till take two then ladies!” He stuffed his hands in his pockets, shot Hermione a sparkling glance, and walked off towards the castle.


                Hermione watched him go with narrowed eyes before giving a loud “humph” and plopping down onto the blanket.  “Insufferable jerk.”


                “You have to admit though,” began Ginny, who had finally managed to recover herself, “it was quite amusing.”




                There was a long pause, through which far-off shouts floated up from the lake and the grass soaked up sun.


                “So will you be attending lesson number two then?”


                “What?” Hermione’s eyes were still locked on the castle doors.  “No!”


                “Are you sure?” Ginny shot her a sly glance.


                “Yes!” Hermione gripped her arms more tightly than was necessary.


                “Uh huh.” Ginny stood, offering Hermione a hand.  “We’ll see about that.”


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