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Title: Suckered

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus/Harry

Rating: Matureish

Summary: Snape really should be more careful when it comes to drinking from unattended goblets.  Especially on Valentine’s Day.

Notes: For[info]jess_williams.




Severus Snape had no intention of staying for the Valentine’s feast.  He whipped into the Great Hall, robes billowing out behind him, snatched a goblet of pumpkin juice (scarcely missing tipping it onto Professor McGonagall, who was listening as Granger discussed spell range compared to wand length), and slipped back out the way he had come, vibrant pinks and reds still staining the bulk of his vision.  He breathed a quick sigh of relief, leaning against the stone wall beside the Hall as he took a sip.  His eyes fell on a figure standing by the House hourglasses and his stomach gave a heavy, sick swoop.


Potter seemed to be reading the house points with interest.  Snape’s hand shook.  The goblet slipped from his fingers, crashing to the floor, the orange liquid puddling at his feet.


Potter’s head whipped around, his mouth hanging open, his eyes lighting up in confusion as he caught sight of his professor.  Heat twisted viciously in Severus’s abdomen.  He clutched the cool stone of the wall with desperate fingers.


“Potter,” he ground out, the logic in his mind telling him not to let the boy get any closer, telling him to run, telling him to shut the goddamned hell up.  But, god, he needed help and the boy was the only one there, and if only he could just touch him, just for one second, just look into those green eyes and oh –


Potter rushed over to him, passing a worried hand over Severus’s forehead.


“Professor,” his voice was shaky, eyes concerned, “are you alright?”


Severus drew a desperate gulp of air, tried not to moan, and ground his eyes shut against the gorgeous sight before him.


“Potter.  Been poisoned.  Need help.”


He could feel the boy tense.


“Poisoned?” His voice was thick with horror.  “I’ll get Madame Pomfrey -”


“No!” Severus’s eyes snapped open.  His spidery fingers snatched at Harry’s wrist.  “Need to get to office.” He moaned, and transferred his grip to Harry’s shoulder.  “Need to get to antidote.”


“Right.” Harry wasn’t about to argue with the Potions Master on how best to treat poisoning.  He wrapped his arm hastily around his professor’s back and the two hurried down to the dungeons.


                Severus knew he hadn’t ingested much of the love potion and knew, too, he was lucky to be strong enough to fight off many of its effects.  But still, Harry’s every movement against him in the dark sent his nerve-ends screaming for more.  Severus tried to hold his breath and lean away from the boy, but he could feel his mind yielding to the pull of the potion.  Finally, they reached the potions dungeon, and Severus reached a hand out for the cold of the wall, trying to drag himself away from Harry with the last of his strength.


“Professor?” Harry’s voice, low and anxious, rushed up his spine to set fireworks free in the base of his skull.


“Fu-fuck,” Severus breathed.  His attempt to get away from Harry had failed miserably.  He could feel the frigid wall on his back and the heat of the boy against his side.  He could feel the logic in his mind shrinking rapidly, its last words warning him that this would not end well.  He hissed, squeezing his eyes shut.  “Fuck it.”


“Professor, please, tell me where the antidote is, I don’t want anything to happen to y-”


“Nothing,” Snape growled, “is going to happen to me.”


“I don’t -”


Snape caught Harry’s lips mid-sentence, snatching the breathy words from them.  The boy’s mouth - warm, soft, and utterly delectable - went slack, and Severus moaned into him, high on what was now, to him, the sole antidote in the universe to his hunger.  Harry broke away with a gasp and Severus whined and Harry muttered: “remind me to thank Hermione” with such a tone of blatant deviousness that Severus’s suspicion, even in his clouded state, was piqued.  And in the half-second he had before Harry’s fingers could weave their way into his hair and capture his hungry lips once more, Severus’s mind flickered back to the Great Hall, to Granger standing just inches from his vulnerable goblet.


God, you saucy boy,” he growled out, letting himself be taken by the boy who got every fucking thing he wanted. 


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