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Title: Bloody Lost

Author: interpretthis

Fandom: Lost/Twilight crossover

Characters/Pairings: Ben Linus, Carlisle Cullen, mention of Edward/Bella

Rating: PG

Genre: Humor

Summary: One night the traveling island decides to thoroughly confuse a certain Ben Linus by moving into a section of ocean labeled “occupied” for a few minutes of amusement.

Notes: For[info]augrah.  I am beyond horrifyingly late, but I hope you like it all the same.



                Benjamin Linus was confused, and this made him uneasy.


                Confusion was not a state Ben was used to.  On most days it avoided him like the plague, thinking to itself “this man seems to know far too much about far too much – I would be required to expend a ridiculous amount of energy were I even to attempt to befuddle him in the slightest, so how about I just nip off and infect the brain of this funny doctor fellow here who everyone seems to call Jack.”  Confusion, incidentally, was a lazy ass of a state.


                But that’s enough about that.  Let’s head back to Ben, who happens to be far more interesting and mysterious and sexy and therefore worthy of stories.


                Ben was confused.  He’d set off down a perfectly familiar path, one he’d walked no less than a thousand times in his life, only to find himself in an unfamiliar clearing.  Sure the island was a strange one, but he was Ben Linus for god’s sake and damnit that meant something.  Mysterious clearings didn’t just launch themselves out of the sky and flop into his path.


                Ben had just started to head through the clearing to rejoin the path on the other side (in the hopes that it would eventually decide that it hadn’t changed drastically and was really the path he knew and loved) when he heard a rustling noise coming from the leaves a few feet to his right.  When he looked up, a kindly-looking – not to mention rather remarkably gorgeous – man whose silky blonde hair and pale ivory skin (with just a hint of a shimmer to it) shone in the moonlight stood staring at him – no, regarding him – with golden eyes.


                “Hello,” the man addressed Ben pleasantly, “may I help you?”


                Ben regarded him – no, stared at him – for a few moments, eyebrows flying high, eyes wide and distinctly unimpressed, lips a thin line.




                He continued walking.


                The shiny man cleared his throat.


                “It’s just that you look a bit lost.” He said it like someone might say “it’s fabulously sunny today, don’t you think?” or “I do love your new puppy, whatever might its name be?”


                Ben stopped in his tracks, stood stock still for a few moments just to ensure the man knew his temper was running short and he was highly displeased to be at all distracted from his track to who-the-hell-knows-where, then turned on his heel and cocked an eyebrow.


                “Actually, sir, I know exactly where I’m going, and I would appreciate it if you would keep your silly lectures about my island to yourself in the future.  Whoever you are,” he added, making it clear that he did not approve of his existence.


                “Oh, well I am of course quite sorry.  It’s just that I’m a bit confused now.  I was under the impression that this was my wife’s island.”


                Ben was, as usual, not impressed.


                “Is your wife named Jacob by any chance?”


                “I’m afraid not…is that a problem?”


                “On the contrary.  I presume it’s quite lucky for both you and your wife.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m a busy man…”


                Ben turned abruptly and headed back in the direction he hoped might lead to the path he was pretty damn sure was no where near here, wherever here was. 


                “Alright then.  Well it was nice meeting you,” said the man, whose eyes, though slightly confused, sparkled.  He did not move but watched the other man retreat, listened to his footsteps as they disappeared around the corner and, after a few moments, stopped abruptly.  There was a slight pause, more footsteps, and the man rounded the corner once again.


                “Are those friends of yours?  In the…house?”


                Carlisle couldn’t help but let a sliver of amusement into his voice, his eyes twinkling.  “Oh, you mean Edward and Bella?”


                Ben blinked.


                “Well I’m afraid I couldn’t tell their names, but there’s no doubt in my mind that one was a man and one was a woman, yes.”


                “Ah yes.  I apologize.  You see they’re not used to having complete strangers roaming the island, so they don’t worry about things like closing curtains and wearing clothes and other trivialities like that.  The rest of us know to keep away.  We've all got our own little cabins just in case.”


                “I see.” Ben had the distinct impression that this man was having far too much fun at his expense.  “So this really is your island then?”


                “Esme Island, off the coast of Rio, yes.”




                Ben wasn’t entirely sure how he had gotten here.  In fact, confusion was being quite outgoing that particular night, feeling rather daring it was, but he felt his chances would be better if he just…headed back the way he had come.  And so he started off in the direction of the familiar path.  The island, he knew, had its ways, and there had to be some reason for –


                He was about to leave the clearing when he stopped dead, whipped around, and fixed the magnificently gorgeous, infuriatingly calm, obviously quite knowledgeable and wise and special and awe-inspiring man before him with icy eyes, wondering, hoping that maybe, just maybe


                “Is your name Jacob?”


                The blonde man frowned.  “I’m afraid not.”


                Ben sighed, gave the man an “I’ll be watching you damn freaking closely” look, grudgingly let some more confusion in, and went back the way he’d come, noticing the world give a little shudder out of the corner of his eye as the path became familiar once more.


                Carlisle watched the man disappear, then gave a bemused shake of the head and a little chuckle.  What a strange man.  He hoped he would make it back alright, wherever he was going.  He pushed through a dense wall of leaves into an adjacent clearing and entered his humble cabin, where he grabbed a book - Of Mice and Men - off the shelf and lowered himself into his worn-looking wooden rocking chair, settling in for the long night. 





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