Date: 2009-02-14 08:11 pm (UTC)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* First off, the code names were the most awesome things ever. :D And of course this would be Munch's idea, because he is made of win. :P I LOLed when I saw that his code name was Munchinator. And The Finisher and Novakain are great. I especially loved that you had Casey there, because as much as I love Alex, Casey is just awesome. (I haven't seen enough of the new ADA to make up my mind about her. And you haven't even seen this season so..) Captain Cool LOL. HELLiotRAISER! Hee. :P I wonder what Olivia's code name was. I liked the part about how "nobody would die". It's nice to read about the squad just having real FUN.

"One moment they were playing laser tag in a giant, timeless, darkened room - playing kids - and the next their big fake guns were hanging at their sides and their faces were close, so close in the darkness and Elliot’s lips were brushing her cheek and he was inhaling sharply against her skin and Olivia’s fingers were dancing over his hot neck and they were breathing each other’s air softly, quietly, and their hearts beat once, twice and the targets on their chests were close enough to zap zap zap each other."

Even though I usually get super annoyed with run-on sentences, it works because it's symmetric with Olivia losing her breath. (Is symmetric or symbolic the right word?)

He kissed her forehead! :D I like how you can't really tell if they're just friends with potential feelings (like how it really is on the show), or if they're together (AU). It works either way for me, because this fic is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. ILY, Claire! :D
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